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Insight Ag Scouting LLC

Our Mission is to provide information that increases focus on productivity, reduces the risks common in agriculture. 

Our Vision is to be the Delmarva Peninsula premier provider of agricultural scouting and data collection.

Our Values Integrity, Reliability, Service Centered Relationships, Improvement and Innovation.


What we do

 True to the name " Insight Ag Scouting LLC" provides just that - by collecting raw infield farm data assist on formatting a plan to protect crops from pest’s disease, toxicities, and deficiencies. Scouting means "boots on the ground closely monitoring fields to identify and prioritize crop damage". We can also track the progress of the land health over a period of time through monitoring nutrients with soil, plant, and organic sampling. The knowledge we provide is geared to help operations run effectively to maximize field longevity.


Why Hire a crop scout?

A crop scout inspects farmers' fields, records weed, insect, disease and other observations. This is an important role to help farmers make timely, informed, and economical crop decisions in season that can make a significant yield at harvest.


Nichole Krambeck, Manager

Nichole has over 6 years of experience in the industry, managed a 16 acre vineyard in Kent County and previously scouted for a local fertilizer company. She occupied the Research and Education Chair position for the Maryland Grape Growers Association for 4 years. Graduated from Delaware Technical College. Is a licensed pesticide applicators and nutrient management certified in Delaware and Maryland


Krissi Coldiron, Administrative Analyst

Krissi has spent the last decade in various management positions, in both agricultural and corporate settings. She holds two Masters degrees in Business Administration and General Management. Krissi enjoys the administrative side of the job and specializes in strategic planning and innovation.

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